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Senator Thad Cochran: Official site of the U.S. Senator for Mississippi, Republican party (similar sites)

Syllable: Official home of high performance, desktop operating system, updated fork of AtheOS. Goal: reliable, intuitive, easy to use, powerful, for home, small office users. Descriptions, development, FAQs, forums, mail lists, news archive, screenshots. Open Source, GPL (similar sites)

Philip Glass: Official site. Includes biography, list of works, and calendar (similar sites)

chomsky.info: Official Noam Chomsky website. Resource site including books, articles, interviews, talks, debates, plus writings about Chomsky (similar sites)

The Telescope Review Web Site: Beginner's advice and articles, and telescope, eyepiece and accessory reviews (similar sites)

Prostatitis: A patient oriented site dedicated to information on the cure and treatment of this disease (similar sites)

Kashue's Kingdom: Images, music, movie clips, information on the TV series, OAVs, movies, manga, RPG and merchandise (similar sites)

NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association: Promotes and supervise a national program of sports and activities for accredited junior colleges and two-year institutions (similar sites)

Visit Virginia Beach: The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau site offers information on lodging, dining, and nightlife (similar sites)

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches: Official web site. News, church search, calendar, beliefs. Frames-dependent (similar sites)

NASA Space Shuttle: The official NASA website. Includes news, reference information, and detailed mission profiles for all missions (similar sites)

Matthew Engel: Official site of the journalist, author and editor includes his profile, Oxford lectures, his latest books and columns, and information about the Laurie Engel Fund charity (similar sites)

Dream Pollution: Includes a biography, detailed information and articles arranged by album, news, message board, mailing list, and photo gallery (similar sites)

Adventist Organizational Directory: Organizational locator and standard reference for Adventist organizations and entities worldwide. This database has more local information than the Adventist Yearbook and is updated more frequently (similar sites)

Senator Shelley Moore Capito: Official website of the U.S. Senator for West Virginia, Republican party (similar sites)

Muhammad Ali: Official site which features news, photographs, biography, interactive timeline and newsletter signup (similar sites)

Morris County: The official government site. Includes budget details, public meeting schedule, demographics, and job openings (similar sites)

Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii: Local contacts, information, resources, laws, and other homeschool helps (similar sites)

Alamance-Burlington School System: Provides extensive information on district schools, the school system, academic programs, school calendars and employment information. Also had resources for students and parents (similar sites)

Video Game Music Archive: For systems including NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Genesis, Master System, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, and Turbo-Grafx 16 (similar sites)

Wikipedia - Category: United States House of Representatives Elections in Missouri: Directory of encyclopedia articles about the state's campaigns, candidates and elections for U.S. Representative (similar sites)

Blues & Race Relations: A website about the history of the Blues and how it affected the race relations in the USA (similar sites)

Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives: A collection of various esoteric writers from the Renaissance (similar sites)

Council on Foreign Relations: A research center dedicated to understanding the world by better comprehending global trends and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. Publisher of the journal Foreign Affairs (similar sites)

eCos: An open-source real-time operating system for embedded applications. Site includes news, documentation, downloads, FAQ, mailing lists and hardware compatibility details (similar sites)

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