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Vassar Student Association: In charge of extracurricular student activities and organizations. Includes student government (similar sites)

Division of Childhood and Adolescence: A focal point for policy development, research, and strategic analysis of trends regarding broad determinants of health regarding children and youth in Canada (similar sites)

Congressman Lou Barletta: Official site of U.S. Representative Lou Barletta (PA-11), Republican party (similar sites)

Stirling Engine: Comprehensive information resource about the technology. Includes history, basics, models, plans, gallery, links, and an overview of a rotary displacer engine. [English, Japanese (similar sites)

Mink: The MUCK Manual: Thorough manual for new players. Covers normal user getting-around commands, building, programming, and administering. Includes plentiful examples, and tutorials on the list editor, puppets, vehicles, and archiving (similar sites)

Washington County Visitors Association: Convention and visitors bureau with local area business listings and recreational places of interest (similar sites)

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke: Official website of U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke for the 9th Congressional District of New York, Democratic party (similar sites)

U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee: Deals with executive branch reorganization, National Archives, federal accounting, census, congressional reorganization within Senate rules, civil service, D.C. affairs, nuclear exports, Postal Service, federal employee compensation, Comptroller General, agency efficiency, interagency relations, and relations with States and international bodies (similar sites)

Apostolic Christian Church: Official site with introductory description of the church's origins, doctrine, lifestyle, and vision (similar sites)

Alumni, Parents, and Friends: Alumni and corporate connections, organizations, news, and event (similar sites)

Quark: Page layout software for design and publishing professionals. Includes information on current builds of QuarkXPress (similar sites)

MESS: Official homepage with W.I.P., CVS server, bug tracking system, screen shots, system information, and message board (similar sites)

Pages from Michael Butler's Journal: From the producer of HAIR, these journal entries include some remarkable stories surrounding the original production (similar sites)

Federal Trade Commission - Money and Credit: U.S. consumer protection site providing advice on how to deal with debt and financial scams (similar sites)

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans: Blizzard's official page has game information, cheats, and demo downloads (similar sites)

Veterans UK: Ministry of Defence agency responsible for veterans' affairs, including war and service pensions, service records, military graves, medals and welfare issues (similar sites)

Sanko's Open Directory - Dmoz Profile: (similar sites)

Creation SuperLibrary - ChristianAnswers.Net: Abundance of in-depth information on Creation/Evolution. The SuperLibrary is provided by a team of experts who answer questions on a wide variety of topics. Multilingual (similar sites)

Pickles, Eric: Official site of the Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar. Provides news and events of his activities, articles he's written, transcripts of his speeches in Commons, biography and photo gallery. Offers email newsletter and contact information (similar sites)

National Park Service - Virginia: Official site providing visitor information, photos, news and events for the state's national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites and trails, heritage corridors and registered places (similar sites)

Jan & Dean: The official web site for Jan Berry (similar sites)

R.E.M. HQ: Official site with news, store, discography, videos and audio. [Requires Flash (similar sites)

ICQ: Official site for the instant-messaging and chat software (similar sites)

Minor Planet Mailing List: A list for asteroid and comet researchers (similar sites)

Squeezebox Links: Links to a newsgroup, an annual festival, organizations, vendors, informational sites and performers (similar sites)

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